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Planned Maintenance Program

Instead of calling Point Heating & Cooling annually to schedule your air conditioner and furnace servicing, we want to make things as simple as possible for you and your home by granting us to handle your needs with a planned maintenance program. Preserving everything running smoothly all year long doesn’t have to be a chore; together, we can guarantee that your usual maintenance is not forgotten and that it will support you with the benefits of a fine-tuned HVAC system.

Our planned maintenance program on your air conditioner and furnace are routine, professional and a piece of cake. They come with a number of items, including:

Furnace 12 Point Safety Check:

  • Check heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
  • Check for carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Inspect and clean main burner
  • Inspect and clean pilot
  • Inspect and clean igniter and flame sensor
  • Check flame to make sure it's burning correctly and adjust as needed
  • Check gas pressure and make necessary adjustments
  • Lubricate bearings and motor as needed
  • Check furnace air filter
  • Check operating and safety controls
  • Inspect furnace exhaust ventilation for cleanliness or cracks
  • Ensure efficient operation, making adjustments as needed

Air Conditioning 10 Point Safety Check:

  • Check compressor
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check and adjust fan speed and belt tension
  • Lubricate blower bearings and motor
  • Check or replace furnace filer (Filter at additional cost)
  • Check drain line
  • Check air temperature difference across refrigerant coil
  • Test complete system operation
  • Ensure efficient operation, making adjustments as needed
  • Check and clean condenser using co2 or standard water pressure
So, why should you join the planned maintenance program with Point Heating & Cooling?
  • It lowers your monthly energy usage and may save you money by keeping your unit running easily and usefully.
  • It keeps your HVAC system dependable and reliable by not letting unobserved maintenance needs impede on the life span or uses of your unit.
  • It eases your mind and certifies that you won’t fail to remember to plan the annual appointment, as they work with you to plan the service at the most convenient time for you.

Regardless of the make, model, shape or abilities of your HVAC system, Point Heating & Cooling sticks to their planned maintenance programs and ensures that your unit is functioning all year long. To learn more about planned maintenance programs, contact the Plover Point Heating & Cooling store by calling 715-504-0533 or planning an appointment with us online.