Why Boilers?

If you live or work in an older building, chances are a boiler provides your heat. Though Boilers and radiators are not often used in newer homes, many older homes still feature this type of heating system. Hot-water heating can still be seen in many apartment buildings, multi-family residences, and older business buildings because it works well for those applications.

Though not popular with today’s new construction, steam and hot-water heating systems do provide some benefits over newer heating systems. They will not stir up dust and allergens into the indoor air like forced air and other heating systems, which can be very good for homeowners with allergies. In addition, these heating systems have fewer moving parts than newer heating systems and can prove to be a very reliable option when maintained properly.

Boilers to Meet Your Needs

Point Heating & Cooling is proud to be a leading supplier of IBC boilers in Central Wisconsin. We offer three different boiler types to provide the best solution to just about any application. All IBC boilers provide exceptional annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings.

HC Series

The HC Series offers a small footprint but is built to meet the needs of today’s better insulated buildings. This series of boilers range in size from 13,500 BTU/HR to 160,000 BTU/HR. Providing up to 95% AFUE and tremendous reliability and durability, the HC Series of boilers provide tremendous value for the cost.


SL Series

The SL Series of boilers have heat exchangers that are made of high grade 439 stainless steel and provide up to 95% AFUE. These heat exchangers are very easy to inspect and feature a condensate draining system that cleans while it heats. The SL Series residential lineup can provide 20,000 BTU/HR up to 260,000 BTU/HR and offers many industry-leading features such as its turndown ratio of 5.75:1, an advanced touch screen controller, appliance grade stainless steel shell and many unmatched safety features!


DC Series

The innovative DC Series combines Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating in a single, compact design. It is the only fully condensing combination unit on the market! Sizes range from 23,000 BTU/HR to 160,000 BTU/HR and provide up to 95% AFUE.


If you are in need of a boiler for your home or business, we’ll be able to provide a great high-efficiency solution. Call Point Heating & Cooling for more information on our boiler options and learn how we can help you.