A Planned Maintenance Program in Plover, Wisconsin, with Point Heating & Cooling makes it easy to stay current on regular maintenance.

Normal tune-ups are crucial because they can:

  • Make your system more efficient, potentially saving you more on fuel expenses
  • Aid your HVAC system to run more smoothly, possibly helping you avoid costly repairs
  • Lengthen your HVAC system’s longevity

Our contract makes it painless to stay on top of maintenance and keep your family comfortable no matter the weather.

Get ahold of us at 715-504-0533 immediately to begin a contract for your residence.

Furnace 12 Point Safety Check:

  1. Check heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
  2. Check for carbon monoxide (CO)
  3. Inspect and clean main burner
  4. Inspect and clean pilot
  5. Inspect and clean igniter and flame sensor
  6. Check flame to make sure it’s burning correctly and adjust as needed
  7. Check gas pressure and make necessary adjustments
  8. Lubricate bearings and motor as needed
  9. Check furnace air filter
  10. Check operating and safety controls
  11. Inspect furnace exhaust ventilation for cleanliness or cracks
  12. Ensure efficient operation, making adjustments as needed

Air Conditioning 10 Point Safety Check:

  1. Check compressor
  2. Check refrigerant charge
  3. Check and adjust fan speed and belt tension
  4. Lubricate blower bearings and motor
  5. Check or replace furnace filer (Filter at additional cost)
  6. Check drain line
  7. Check air temperature difference across refrigerant coil
  8.  Test complete system operation
  9.  Ensure efficient operation, making adjustments as needed
  10.  Check and clean condenser using co2 or standard water pressure

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